Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring and new love

Today there has been rain, snow, and now big fluffy clouds bathed in a beautiful amber light.  The clouds are like the ones you see from the plane.  They look like freedom.  Like when I got my first car, a bright red and shiny Mazda that I would drive fast from Toronto to Montreal.  And then packed everything up in it, and moved away.  It's also the feeling of freedom I get when I sit in my seat in an aeroplane on my way somewhere...  An incredibly heady feeling. The feeling of Paris in the spring.  I need Paris like I need oxygen.  And the ferry to Capri.  The ferry to Capri washes away all the bad things, all the stale things that have somehow managed to get encrusted over one's soul.
In less than a month I'll be on my way.

In the meantime, there's a new love in my life:  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Midnight Special

Just in case we needed another reason to miss the 1970s.  Seriously.  Miss Pat!  Putting 2011 to shame.


I haven't been shopping at 1st Dibs in a while.  I love all these tables.  They singlehandedly conjure up a room or a story.

Brass nesting tables, France, 1960s

Marquetry table, Holland, 18th c.

Carved elephant head table, India 19th c.

Coffee table, France, 1950s

Mahogany end table, Ireland, 19th c.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prehistoric carnage + dog whispering

Isaac and I were walking along the bike path by the tracks this afternoon.  I was teaching the dog to be in a "follower state"* while simultaneously trying to spot beauty in the wreckage of quasi-industrial and supremely ugly Sterling Road.  Like this:

Anyway, suddenly, I looked up and noticed this disturbing scene:

It seems the one in the dumpster was shot in the forehead.  Very unsettling.  And here is Isaac being alert:

*After a total of two sessions walking off-leash down this horrifying bike path, Isaac is now 100% in a follower state off-leash (i.e. walking nicely behind me, never in front, never helter-skelter).  Miracle.  The trick was using a stick to block him and making the "shh" sound, you know - the Dog Whisperer sound.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fashion Week: ESP at Emanuel Ungaro?

Is it just me or....





Rubie Green

Manhattan designer Michelle Adams (founder of Rubie Green) has this marvellously cheery line of upholstery fabric.  I spotted "Ann" in a copy of Vogue Living Australia this afternoon.  Fell in love.

From top:
Delavan Stripe, East Village, Ann, Mary

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fashion Week: The two Parises converge



Fashion Week: Paris the demure

There's Paris the she-wolf, and then there's the other Paris. (Lanvin is both and therefore quintessentially Parisian.)

Roland Mouret



Nina Ricci



Celine.  Images:


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