Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prehistoric carnage + dog whispering

Isaac and I were walking along the bike path by the tracks this afternoon.  I was teaching the dog to be in a "follower state"* while simultaneously trying to spot beauty in the wreckage of quasi-industrial and supremely ugly Sterling Road.  Like this:

Anyway, suddenly, I looked up and noticed this disturbing scene:

It seems the one in the dumpster was shot in the forehead.  Very unsettling.  And here is Isaac being alert:

*After a total of two sessions walking off-leash down this horrifying bike path, Isaac is now 100% in a follower state off-leash (i.e. walking nicely behind me, never in front, never helter-skelter).  Miracle.  The trick was using a stick to block him and making the "shh" sound, you know - the Dog Whisperer sound.


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