Sunday, February 20, 2011

Resolution + Fashion Week

I made a minor resolution to wear ONLY colour for the next month.  No neturals.  No black, no brown, no grey, no beige.  And the brighter the better.  It turns out this is a really hard thing to do, but totally worth the effort. 
Speaking of which, it's Fashion Week and I hate to say it, but New York is a total drag. Like this:

Behnaz Sarafpour

Calvin Klein

Derek Lam

Anna Sui

The models look dead, the clothes are mostly boring and there is barely a non-neutral in sight.  Of course there are exceptions but the exceptions are getting lost in the piles and piles of boring.  The list of New York shows is now enormous and by the time you've hit Marc Jacobs, you're thinking can we just fast-forward to Milan already?

Here is an exception (thank god for Isaac Mizrahi and poodles):

Isaac Mizrahi.  All images


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