Friday, December 3, 2010


A few years ago, I was walking across the square in front of the cathedral in Milan when a girl stopped to ask if she could take my photo, explaining that she was a "fashion forecaster" and "liked what I was wearing" (dress, trenchcoat and - because my hair was driving me crazy - a turban).
As soon as she walked away I was overcome by the paranoid conviction that it was a cruel hoax and that I would find my photo all over the internet with captions like "what not to wear" and "how to look insane in public without actually muttering to yourself and yelling at dogs". 

That is, until I spotted this the other day and realized that the girl with the camera was a fashion forecaster from 1944 who had time-travelled into the future. Which probably makes me personally responsible for the great turban craze of the 1940's.


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