Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Cheer

Post-holiday cheer includes:

Using up leftover wine with this absolutely fool-proof recipe.

Pour red wine into a large saucepan with brown sugar, slices of lemon, a whole clove (or 4 if you're using a whole bottle of wine) and a cinnamon stick.  Bring to a boil.  Remove from heat and cover for 5 minutes.  Then add some brandy.  Serve with a slice of lemon in a pretty teacup.
Instant good cheer, especially if you're adding a lot of brandy.

Next, Indigo's annual 30% off all hardcover books sale, where I purchased this (among other things):

Which I am sitting here reading, while enjoying the festive greenery of my much-loved boxwood topiary from Restoration Hardware (hooray for the staff discount and 20% off everything sale):

While listening to Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky

And enjoying some much-appreciated time off.

PS. Michael S. Smith's books are really very good, some of the best decorating books out there, I think.  If only he would hire me as his Paris attaché.


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