Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Many declensions of luxury

There's that saying about knowing a person by their shoes, which I sincerely hope is not true since my shoes are always in such a state.  But, but, but, I protest, I walk and ride the subway and the bus, and these activities are the enemy of pristine footwear. 
Genereally I wear a pair of shoes until they are not salvageable by even the most skilled of cobblers. Cobblers without a doubt subscribe to the notion that "you can tell a person by their shoes".  This I know by the way they eye me and my raggedy shoes when I take them in for a last-minute emergency rescue.

Anyway, because of the forever shabbiness of my footwear, I have a weird relationship to Candy Pratts Price's Accessories Report each season.

Not even my badge of self-righteous transit-taking pedestrianism can save me from a certain feeling of ... is it desire, is it envy, is it something else?

This looks like the footwear equivalent of Cruella Deville

Candy Pratts Price - Fall 2010 Accessories Report


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