Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tables for working

I always thought Kelly Wearstler was sort of too trendy for me or something until someone (Susan) basically plunked Hue down in front of me and said "you need to look at this".  And now I think Kelly Wearstler is a genius and brilliant (her rooms certainly are).

Biggest highlight by far was seeing Wearstler's office tables, which made me want to jump into the pages and start WORKING, like right now, like let's get some spaces designed and some colour schemes fleshed out and some sketches done and get some serious fun creative work accomplished!

Which made me think about tables.

Here are some of my favourite worktables and the lesson is have to space all around - nothing pushed up against a wall.  The creativity has to flow.


David Tsay

Jessie Randall - Domino September 2006

Myra Hoefer


Kelly Wearstler


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